8. Commencement of Arbitration:

1.     The arbitral proceeding under these Rules shall commence on the date of receipt of a written request for arbitration by the Registrar of the ICA from any of the parties who have entered into an agreement for resolving disputes by arbitration under these Rules. Such request shall include the following particulars:

a) the names and full addresses of the parties to the dispute including emails, phone numbers, hand phone numbers, fax numbers of the parties to the dispute and their legal representative, if any;
b) copies of the contract in which the arbitration clause is contained;
c) the Statement of Claim and facts supporting the claim, points at issue and relief or remedies sought with other details of the Claimant's case;
d) a statement on such matters as the place of the arbitration, the name(s) of Arbitrators on which the parties have already agreed in relation to the conduct of the arbitration, or with respect to which the requesting party wishes to make a proposal;
e) if the arbitration agreement calls for nomination of arbitrators by the parties, the name, address, telephone and fax number of the Claimant's nominee.
f) Non-refundable Registration fee of Rs. 15,000/- plus any applicable tax for claims up to Rs. One Crore and Rs. 30,000/- plus any applicable tax for claims more than Rs. One Crore.

2.     In the event that the Claimant fails to comply with either of the requirements referred to hereinabove, the Registrar may fix a time limit (not exceeding 15 days) within which the Claimant must comply, failing which the file shall be closed without prejudice to the Claimant's right to resubmit the same claims at a later date in another notice of request for arbitration.