In most of the industrialised countries, central or national arbitral organisations have been established which provide facilities for arbitration of commercial disputes.

Name: Joachim Knoll
Designation: Partner
Organization: LALIVE
Country: Geneva, Switzerland


New York (2004)
Paris (2011)
Geneva (foreign lawyer) (2011)




German, English, French


International Commercial Arbitration
Investment Arbitration
Public International Law

Areas of focus

Construction and Infrastructure
Technology and Telecom
Energy and Mining


Joachim Knoll is a partner at LALIVE and has been practicing international arbitration, both commercial and investment treaty arbitration, since 1999. He has acted as counsel and arbitrator in over 70 international arbitral proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) or administered (ICC, ICSID, Swiss Rules, LCIA, SCC, DIS, DIAC, AAA/ICDR), governed by various procedural and substantive laws, including Swiss, French, German, English, New York and Turkish. Joachim Knoll is experienced in disputes involving the main aspects of commercial transactions, in particular disputes relating to the international sale of goods, distribution and investment disputes in the construction, energy, mining, telecommunications, broadcasting and aviation sectors.

He also advises clients on arbitration-related matters including drafting of arbitration agreements, challenges and enforcement of arbitral awards. In addition, he provides advice to governments in the negotiation of investment treaties, as well as to investors on how to structure their investments to ensure effective investment protection.

Joachim Knoll has been designated to serve on ICSID’s Panel of Conciliators by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (until 2026). He is a former member of the Arbitration Court of the Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution which administers arbitrations subject to the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, and he acted as co-chair of ASA below 40 (Swiss Arbitration Association) from 2010 to 2012. He is head lecturer and a member of the academic council of the Swiss Arbitration Academy.

Since 1999, Joachim Knoll has practiced in arbitration in France with Shearman & Sterling in Paris (19992006) and in Switzerland with LALIVE (2006-2008) and with Brown & Page in Geneva (2008-2012). He studied law at the universities of Hamburg and Cologne and passed his First State examination in Cologne in 1998. He holds LLM degrees from Boston University (2004) and King's College London (1999), as well as a degree in European law and public international law from the University of AixMarseille III, Aix-en-Provence, France (1995).

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